Wet Sock Treatment

socksThis is an easy home treatment for congestion in the head and chest area, for example, a sore throat, ear infection, headache, migraine, nasal congestion, upper respiratory infection, cough, bronchitis, and sinus infection.  It is most effective if done early when symptoms first appear.  Great for kids!

1 pair cotton socks
1 pair thick wool socks
Warm bath or warm foot bath

1.    Take a pair of cotton socks and soak them completely with cold water.  Be sure to ring the socks out thoroughly so they do not drip.
2.    Warm your feet first.  This is very important as the treatment will not be as effective and could make condition worse if your feet are not warmed first.  Warming can be accomplished by soaking your feet in warm water for at least 5-10 minutes or taking a warm bath for 5-10 minutes.
3.    Dry off feet and body with a dry towel.
4.    Place cold wet socks on feet.  Cover with dry thick wool socks.  Go directly to bed.  Stay warm and covered.
5.    Keep the socks on overnight.  You will find that the wet cotton socks will be dry in the morning.  

Effects of the Wet Sock Treatment:  This treatment acts to reflexively increase the circulation and decrease congestion in the upper respiratory passages, head, and throat.  Due to this treatment’s sedating effects many people find it helpful for sleep difficulties.  

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