Detoxification & Fasting

Every day we are exposed to some level of toxins in air, water, food and our environment, from pesticides and air fresheners to food allergens and second hand smoke. The body has mechanisms in place to change the structure of toxic compounds and excrete them from the body. However when the digestive, endocrine and immune systems are working less than optimally, cumulative damage may occur. Continued exposure may compromise natural detoxification systems, causing the body to store toxins rather than eliminate them.

Accumulation of toxins in the body can lead to general malaise or specific health problems, including fatigue, decreased mental acuity, skin and digestive conditions, weight gain, food and chemical sensitivities, joint and muscle pain. Supporting the body in clearing stored toxins can relieve symptoms and renew health and vitality. Dr. Flynn’s detoxification program includes components designed to optimize the organs of detoxification and improve the routes of elimination- the bowels, urine, breath and skin.

 The program includes a detailed diet plan that is appropriate for the season and that is in accordance with your health concerns, goals, and lifestyle. Elective therapies that support the detoxification process may include nutritional supplementation, spagyrics and herbal remedies, acupuncture, breathing exercises, baths, saunas, castor oil packs, dry skin brushing, massage, lymphatic drainage, colon hydrotherapy and may include a period of water fasting.

Dr. Flynn’s detoxification program usually lasts two to three weeks, but a prolonged protocol may be suggested for some individuals. A food reintroduction diet is optional but usually recommended to identify unknown food sensitivities and explore connections between certain foods and specific symptoms. A maintenance plan is then put in place to help incorporate what has been learned and experienced into daily life. Seasonal or annual detoxification can be part of health maintenance and disease prevention, giving the body a break from routine exposure to everyday toxins.

Detoxification can also be part of a wellness plan for specific health conditions or a new start to a healthier diet and lifestyle. An individualized program provides structure and instruction for better nutrition, regular exercise and activities that promote ease and relaxation.